Dear You,

Perhaps you can relate to me? Up until a few years ago, I felt pretty good about myself. I was always looking out for everyone around me, so I must be a good person, right?

​Except then everything fell apart... my health, my relationships, my work life... even my dreams.

​And I realised that if I was to ride this tidal wave, I could no longer exchange "niceness" & all my energy for the approval of others. I had to ride my way to dry land and finally build a solid foundation of unconditional self worth.

​Luckily, I had the resources I needed - training & experience in occupational therapy and solution-focused therapy, a lifetime of practicing spirituality, and years of working with clients through their challenges of mental health, physical illness and life transitions.

​I got back on my feet. I let go of roles that no longer serve me. I took a stand for my own self worth & happiness - and found it!

​Now I can't wait to share this with you and other women. That is why I bundled my love & wisdom into my signature support system, Adore Yourself.

​I love this program that breathed life back into me, and I love the women it serves.

​Life is full of vitality now. I live in a cute, cosy house with my sweet hubby John and our 2 puppies Bessie & Maisie, next to a rain forest (bliss!) in the friendliest little village.

​This work is my passion. I write from the heart and feel so connected to you. I see you - giving too much like I once did, too.

​And there are other pieces of joy - from getting my "woo" on under the light of the moon, crystals & angels, yoga at sunset - to researching medical journals for the latest information as I study my degree in naturopathy (bucket list!)

​I never felt I fit entirely into the medical world, nor the dancing around a campfire world. Now I see this as a positive as I stand strongly with one foot in each camp, creating the bridge between the two that so many of us need.

​I stopped trying to fit in and embraced ME. I invite you to embrace YOU, too!

With so much love & support,

Kath xoxo

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