To the caring, giving woman that you are,

​You may be wondering how I know you.

I see you - putting the needs of others first, often at your own expense. Giving so much in all areas of your life and wondering if it will ever be your turn.

I hear you. Even when you feel you have lost your voice, when you can't speak up, and when you're not declaring your truth... I hear.

I feel you as I hold space for you in my heart. You see, I was you once.

I support you. Take a stand for your own truth, your voice, your place in the centre of your own life and on your own path. Take a stand for you.

Welcome whole-heartedly to my cosy hub. You are safe here. You can blossom here. I encourage you to explore and feel at home.

I invite you to burst forth like a radiant sun.

​I am ready to see you shine, are you?

In gratitude and joyful anticipation,

Kath xo