Things I Love

I use coconut oil for everything from body lotion to hair mask to fire lighters!

I kid you not - the first & only natural deodorant that does the job and doesn't make me itch!

I was looking for a natural alternative to teeth bleaching, yay! I found it!

Gorgeous, gentle mascara

Amazing for mind and body, in the bath (not for internal use). Some people get a bit itchy if not used to magnesium, so start with a small amount. 

Super soft bamboo T's

Superfood smoothie add

Add a spoon to hot water to cleanse digestion, use diluted in kitchen remedies or add to salad dressing.

You can wash almost anything with this... awesome liquid soap with great "shower time reading" label!

This book changed my life

A path back to your creativity

My favourite contemporary spiritual teacher

A dive into the deep symbolism of classic tales and how they enrich the spirit

One of the most ego-challenging books I've ever read. I'm still working through this. It either calls you... or it doesn't!

A beautiful blend of Eastern philosophy with Western psychology, transformative

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