Personal Transformation Packages

Personal Transformation Packages

Overcome the barriers to the peaceful, happy you

Be truly seen. Be deeply heard.

  • Don't try fit yourself into the personal transformation courses available - I am the guide who will tailor the toolkit I have developed over decades to YOU.
  • Unlike most online courses, you will receive 1:1 individual and personalised attention from me through calls and email contact
  • Not just 1:1. Not just a generic online course. For the duration of your package you will receive fortnightly call, email support AND a tailor-made strategy on video FOR YOU to fit your current situation and need.

Women who give, give and give some more:

are you tired of putting yourself last?

  • Are you always doing things for everyone but yourself?
  • Do you ever feel that your needs aren't as important?
  • Do you hold yourself back and miss opportunities due to self doubt?
  • Are you worried you'll burn out, and not be able to keep giving to those you care about?
  • Do you wish you could stop doubting and second-guessing yourself?
  • Do you find yourself needing or seeking validation from others, because you lack it within yourself?
  • Do you put up with treatment that you would never do to someone else?
  • Is there always something you'd like to change about your body?
  • When you're really honest with yourself.... do you suspect you've never had self love?

Not only have I worked with countless people who've felt this way, I can relate to these thoughts and feelings too. If you answered YES to at least one statement above, my guidance and teaching is designed exactly for you.

Do you ever have thoughts like these women?

“I feel anxious, I question myself, I don't let myself relax. I don't do enough of the things that make me, me....I don't have time and I feel guilty when I do.”
" I notice myself putting myself last, my lack of confidence holds me back... I feel I'm not worthy and I don't stand up for myself."
"I question if what I have to offer is enough...if only people could see who I am. Maybe underneath is a fear I won't be understood."

It's time to take a stand for YOU! You can shine.

"a deep journey into the heart and freedom that is our inner space of abiding love and acceptance of self.."

"helped me to recognise habits and conditions that sabotage my ability to live in that affirming space... an experience of peeling back the layers... I now have deeper awareness and a swag of new tools to draw on as a matter of daily practice and devotion toward myself and my relationships" 

- ChristinaDoe 

Hello heart-centred women my name is Kath and I am here for YOU

"I took a stand to support myself, and built a foundation I could bank on."

For several years I worked in mental health, it was a real passion and I loved it... I even used my spare time to volunteer at a counselling service! Who needs balance when you have passion, right? Hmm, maybe not. Pouring all of my energy into clients with massive issues in their lives ended up depleting me of my resources... hellooo Burnout!

​I realised that expending my energy for the benefit of others led to a shaky foundation that couldn't see me through a rainy day. So, I gathered up all my resources, plus spiritual teachings I had followed since my teenage years, and set about building a foundation I could bank on. This is the result... Welcome to personalised transformation packages created just for you.

Together we can:

Honour Your Self Mini Retreat

  • 4 hour mini retreat with your best girlfriends or colleagues in Olinda, Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne (minimum booking 5 women)
  • Includes massage and foot treat
  • Fruit platter and herbal teas
  • 3 hours to connect with your inner wisdom, transform your relationship with your mind, emotions and body
  • Learn strategies for true self care
  • Includes journal with prompts for further reflection in your own time
  • Up-level your relationship with yourself
  • Feel pampered and honoured from the inside out
  • Bookings available on Wednesdays and Sundays

Peaceful Mind Happy Heart 3 Month Package

  • 6 fortnightly 1:1 calls online to address YOUR key concerns with self worth and stress management
  • Email support email between calls
  • 6 tailor-made videos of personal transformation strategies created just for you
  • Strategies from a broad toolkit selected specifically for your situation. The strategies fit you, not the other way around like most packages. Examples of strategies include:
  • Understand how thoughts and feelings are connected and disrupt the connections to get back your power
  • Become mindful and release the stories you hurt yourself with
  • Work with your energy field, metaphor and symbolism to create shifts 
  • create an environment and habits that support your happiness and peace of mind

Examples of challenges we can transform

  • body positivity
  • relationship boundaries and dynamics
  • spiralling negative thoughts
  • ability to manage stress
  • lack of self worth
  • clutter, emotional eating and other destructive habits

"I had a few breakthroughs."

"Kathleen helped me uncover so much about myself . Her kindness and compassion throughout  was second-to-none. I had a few breakthroughs.. I have been hiding, trying to fit in and not being completely true to myself. Kathleen helped me regain that emotional strength and find lots of new tools that can help me regain that self-love again. I loved her guided meditations and her strong sense of caring for her community and vision for empowered women who love themselves and their bodies. Thank you Kathleen for being so true to yourself and for embarking on such an important mission."

- Heba

"It made me realise it's all down to me"

"It made me realise it's all down to me... initially that shook things up for me but ultimately it's a very empowering idea and makes me feel excited to take responsibility to make my life amazing. Your compassion shows through - I feel like you genuinely care about giving us value and the way you talk is gentle and non-judgemental. It's a great example of how we should be talking to ourselves!"

- Amber

"Highly recommend for anyone who wants to improve their relationship with themself and others, or their quality of life in general"

"(Kathleen) has certainly helped shift my perspective about self-love. This has a holistic approach by tying in different aspects of our lives that impact our self-worth. Kathleen explains all the topics including the seemingly daunting ones very well and makes it easily relatable."


Video, audio, journals,  individual teaching and guidance, email support - all set up specifically for you

Apply NOW 

                                                Orientation  and nurture pack will be emailed within a few days.                                                  

Take the time to go through the material before starting your customised program

It's so easy...

  • Customised packages to meet your needs
  • Multiple formats to suit your life - video, audio, journals, email support, individual calls
  • Backed by professional expertise, personal experience and evidence
  • Don't make yourself fit the other packages out there - choose the one that is tailored to YOU

Amazing  prices:

Mini retreat Olinda $250 pp AUD, for groups of 5-10 women, over 4 hours (bookings available Wednesdays and Saturdays)

3 month 1:1 transformation package $597 AUD

Today is the day to make a stand for yourself

Today is the day to stop putting yourself last

​Today, end the patterns that drag you back

Today, fill your cup before burnout drains you dry

​Today, give yourself the most important gift of all. Don't let another day pass you by.

You deserve to honour yourself, and I can't wait to support you.

 Orientation and nurture pack will be emailed within a few days.

Take the time to go through the material before arranging your package.

 Payment Policy

As packages are individualised and require time and attention, I am unable to provide refunds.

"I am confident you will see results in your life when you apply the ideas."


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Is this another warm fuzzy "feel good" product that doesn't change anything?

What training and qualifications do you have?

Are these packages too cheap and if so, what's wrong with them?

What if I don't have loads of time?

Can't I work this out on my own?

Who is this for? Who is it NOT for?