Energy practices can reach and heal us in ways that more logical approaches sometimes miss. This may be because the part of us that is vibration, needs to be met with vibration. Or it could be because a part of our mind lies beneath logic, beneath irrationality and is ultimately deeply symbolic and metaphorical in nature. This subconscious mind needs metaphor not logic. I believe all of this to be so. And in the case of grounding, the energy work helps us feel safer, grounded and stable in a stressful world.

Many of us who have underlying feelings of anxiety and lack of safety, experienced disruption in our childhood. We move houses and schools and feel we can't put down roots; or lose someone close and feel the world is not safe, or feel misplaced with our family and experience a disconnect from our tribe. 

So energetically, we need stability, steadfastness, strength... we need to put down roots. And this is why the metaphor of a tree is so grounding. Let these words wash over you as you imagine yourself sending roots deep into the core of Mother Earth

  • See yourself waist down as a tree sending forth roots deep into the very core of the earth. You have strength, stability and you have stood here across the ages, passing the tests of time. 
  • Your tree roots are able to draw what you need from our great Mother Earth. The water to quench your thirst and cleanse your spirit is drawn up. The nutrients that strengthen you and help you grow are available to you.
  • You are bathed in sunshine to fill you with joy, and oxygen to clear your thinking and lift you upwards.
  • tree
    Pure Mother love fills you from the core, is drawn up through every cell of your body and out to the skies. And love from the very Source, as you understand it, shines down, through every cell and down through your feet and via the root system into the very core of the earth
  • tree
    Everything you need fills you up, to the point where the love and light filling you can no longer be contained within you. It bursts forth radiantly in all directions from your being. It feels natural to give from this source. You no longer worry about running dry of love to give. You have tapped into a source beyond you, it fills you and flows through you to others. This source is always available to you.

When we are people who give so readily from the heart, we need a way to fill our well up again. Know that expecting our needs to be filled from others can lead to hurt, disappointment of unmatched expectations and misunderstanding. Learn to find a deeper Source, and meet others from a place of wholeness. 

And to bring groundedness into your life, think of where your foundations need to be built stronger. Where there is clutter, clear it. If something is broken, get it fixed. Sort finances. Being grounded sounds boring at this level... but dreams built on anything less are shaky at best.

I'd love to hear how you go with this very old energy healing visualisation. And please share - do you have a favourite grounding technique?

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