What makes my personal transformation programs unique

Hi lovely, I'm Kath. Welcome to my online home.  I am here for you, a heart-centred woman who is giving so much to others, but struggling with ongoing stress yourself. It's time to transform that stress to self care.

If you have a busy life with giving to your clients and team, giving to your family, giving to those you care about... but don't feel you're giving to YOU - then it's time for a personal transformation. 

I believe we give our best when our own needs are met and we feel fulfilled and peaceful within. Trouble is, when we've been looking after everyone else our whole life, it's hard to even know what we need or where to start. We just know we feel drained and depleted.

I'm on a mission to teach women the proven and effective strategies and tools I've picked up over decades to help them manage their stress, make shifts and overcome personal blocks in their life, and finally give back to themselves and experience simple happiness.

The internet is drowning in impersonal courses where you're one of thousands participating. When we just need to pick up some tech skills this is great and exciting. But when we need to feel deeply listened to and learn strategies specifically for our situation, something more personalised is the way to go.

That's where I come in - I offer 1:1 online mentoring calls to develop strategies to manage YOUR specific stress. Or if you like a side-order of pampering with your learning, book in for a VIP afternoon retreat in the glorious Dandenong Ranges with a handful of colleagues or girlfriends. Of course, smaller courses and DIY are fun too, so I'm building up a library of resources to suit you.

Email me at kath@kathleenrobb.com and let me know where you're struggling with daily stress, and I'll let you know how I can help. Look forward to hearing from you.

What people are saying


As a result of working with Kath I know what to do to help myself. I liked that she asked me what ideas I liked so she helped me as an individual not just another number. Working with Kath is like being taken on a journey with a gentle and knowledgeable guide, who will help you to navigate the right tools back to the road you are meant to be on. Kathleen has the ability to help you feel grounded and settled in your own skin.

Karen Humphries https://www.karenhumphries.com.au/


I was hesitant because I have sought help from many but have remained stuck, so I wondered if I'd get a result. As a result of working with Kath I gained focus and clarity. I liked her grounded and connected approach. She has a sense of calm that instills confidence. Don't hesitate - Kathleen is amazing at helping you get grounded and clear, as well as providing tools to ease anxiety and stress. Kathleen supports you to feel confident"

Amanda Starr https://www.amandastarr.com/


It was very inspiring  learning from Kath and I felt safe, which meant I was able to share a lot more of myself than I normally would. This enabled many discoveries to be made and I was very touched at how she was able to articulate solutions that just resonated so strongly with me. Kath's intuition and knowledge/resourcefulness is astounding. Because I trusted and admired her, I felt I was more open to truly hearing what she was saying. This never really happens for me. So I am ever grateful for all of it but especially having finally found a proper female mentor.

Lynda S teacher

My story

Years ago I was in a very unhealthy relationship. He told me he'd never let me leave - I'd have to run away. So I did, without a single dollar in the bank - he'd spent it all. Thanks to the kindness of friends I had a couch to sleep on and began my life again from scratch. 

I turned a corner that day. No, I didn't become an overnight success story! But I began having boundaries. And listening to myself. And relying on my own resources.

Other spiritual storms have crossed my path. I had 3 miscarriages, had stress at work (who doesn't?!) and not all my friendships were as strong as I'd thought. 

And from here I learnt to pick myself up, to fulfil my own needs and to create a life that nurtured me from within.

I have a degree in Occupational Therapy specialising in art therapy and mental health, and being a total nerd I'm now halfway through a naturopathy degree and along the way I received a diploma in counselling psychology. I am a Reiki Master and have been passionately interested in spiritual and personal transformation tools since I was 15 (hint - a while!).

These days I live in a village at the edge of a forest, with my husband, toddler daughter and 2 mischievous dogs. 

My life is simple and full. I love being immersed in nature, lifelong learning, hanging out with my little family, and I love the work I do - mentoring women 1:1 via video calls, creating products for personal transformation and hanging out with my community.

Drop me a line and tell me how I can help

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