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11 Things I Learnt About Stress and Burnout

  1. It's possible to hide stress and burnout from yourself for a really long time. Be self aware and be honest with yourself. The price of suppressing how you truly are is way too high.
  2. Thriving on stress can flip to burnout in the blink of an eye. Even if you're thriving, implement massive self compassion and care to keep on the healthy side of the line.
  3. Stress is involved as a contributing or exacerbating factor in almost every health problem. It stands to reason that stress management needs to be part of every health solution.
  4. Stress and burnout are holistic conditions that impact on our mind, emotions and physiology. Learn to support all of these aspects of yourself when going through a stressful period in order to avoid burnout.
  5.  Sleep deprivation makes it that much harder to deal with stress or recover from burnout. Get some strategies for better sleep here.
  6. Self care becomes even more important, but can feel impossible to find time for in amongst the chaos. Start small and find a way here.
  7. Burnout occurs when stress continues for too long. We may not be able to control all the events in our life but we can manage our interpretation of them.
  8. Sometimes our early warning signs are indirect. We may not notice we are stressed but may note we are getting headaches, snapping at loved ones, using distractions (food, shopping, candy crush, Facebook....) or avoiding certain situations.
  9. Three foundational keys will always help with the stress in life - simplifying your life, being self-compassionate, and using nature to heal yourself through nutrition, natural health care and being in the presence of natural beauty.
  10. Burnout helps us see the essence of things, the parts of our lives that truly matter. We can then strip away the rest and learn to lead more fulfilling lives.
  11. Often, burnout can teach us about our choices that we don't even know we're making. Ask yourself: "Am I taking on other people's problems as my own?" and "Am I in this situation because of people-pleasing?" and "How are my habits serving or hindering me in this?" . The answers to these questions may give you some good hints as to how to recover. 

Now I'd like to hear from you. What strategies will you be implementing to avoid or recover from stress and burnout? Let me know in the comments! And if this post could help someone you know, share the love.

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