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The Meaning of Life in 111 words

The most frightening idea I ever heard in studying Buddhism is that life has no meaning. Even now, when I consider this it seems completely nihilist. Some would call it liberating.

Perhaps another way of looking at it is that life has the meaning we assign to it.

We can hurtle through life assuming how we view the world is reality, but the truth is we choose how we perceive everything that happens, and we assign meaning.

It’s easy to forget this, and life is much easier without the responsibility. But think of the possibility of deciding for yourself what every moment means.

Your turn: What have you assigned meaning to?

If you could change just one thing….

If you could change one thing… just one… what would it be? Would it be something about the face or body staring back at you from the mirror?

Seems like a shallow question, right? And yet so much of what we see on the media -social and otherwise – is about our appearance.

Every time I go on-line I’m bombarded by media telling me how to lose weight, shrink my stomach, firm up, tone up, dress up…. but rarely how to show up.

And yet, without this ridiculous social pressure, if we really thought about what will ultimately matter at the end of our lives… it won’t be the shape of our nose or the size of our thighs that we will wish we’d changed.

So here’s the thing… the one thing we can change about our lives is to stop wishing ourselves different… and truly showing up.

Here are 6 ways to show up in life:
* show up for your passions by taking small, regular action steps rather than just talking about it (my big one!)
* show up for the people you care about by giving them your full attention during a conversation
* show up for your self… eat for nutrition not deprivation, be kind to yourself in the ups and downs of life, move your booty
* live in the present moment, be conscious of your thoughts and bring them back from stewing on past events or worrying about the future
* be grateful… if you’re reading this it means you have access to more resources than most people on this planet. Let that sink in.
* contribute… whether your contribution is carrying a neighbour’s shopping, protecting the forests or saving lives, the important thing is to move from being someone with good intentions and become someone with good actions.