08 – Be inspired by your future self

I have a beautiful Facebook group -  Sisters With Heart - where one of the lovely ladies asked me "how do I get inspired by a vision of my future self - rather than being caught up what I want now, how do I use the vision of my future self as inspiration".  I love this question because it's true : a vision of our future can keep us inspired on a goal. However there are a couple of ways this can be done, and one is more effective than the other.

How NOT to use a vision of your future self

The first way people do this is when they see a future self of how they feel they should be. They feel they should be thinner, or more fit, or wealthier or have got further head in their career. They want to be better in some way to be worthy.

When we use that idea of how we "should" be as our future self it really demotivates us.  We're thinking we're not all we should be now. When we come from this position of lack and feeling not good enough it's hard to get motivated by ANY version -  in particular the very version that reminds us we don't think we're good enough already.

A more helpful way to vision your future self

In truth we are all good enough and we deserve to have a future that lights us up with joy.

If I'm already worthy -  and I am  - what will bring me more more happiness and light me up, and will give more meaning to my life? Imagine THAT future self and that's a future self that will help you stay motivated towards your goal. Our  goals ideally will direct us towards that version of our self, not the vision of how we think we should be to be worthy.

Take some time as you're lying to go to sleep or having a shower, relaxing or driving along (safely).    

  • 1
    Think what future version of you would light you up and fill you with joy and bring you extra meaning, knowing that you're good enough and worthy already.
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    Ask yourself: what is the next right step in that direction?  

You don't have to know the whole pathway. You just need to know you're facing the right direction: the future that lights you up and take that next right step.

 I'd love to know how you go with this idea and what your vision for your future self is. Let me know in the comments. And all those who identify as women please jump into my beautiful Facebook group Sisters With Heart and let me know what your future self is. I can't wait to see you there.

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